Galactic Cup Mechanic Exploit

You must do something about the mechanic of Galactic Cup now @InterAction_studios . What i have suffered in Galactic Cup #3 is happening again with one of my friend.

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It’s totally in purpose. No one can be so noob at this game like this :slight_smile:

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iA probably has seen this since you ping him the last time, but he’s busy to improve multiplayer right now, and he usually does not respond until he has finished changing something (to not create expectations or deadlines to pressure himself).


Welp, i’m relieve now, however i think this time is absolutely obvious, this exploit is severe.

Cup scoring has now changed: Winner always gets 100 points. Loser gets points proportional to scoring difference (loser’s score / winner’s score).

So e.g. if you lost and your score was 97% of the winner’s score, you get 97 points.

This change will apply retroactively to Cup #4 (i.e., points will be recalculated)

Changed in v.94 :medal_sports: Idea


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