Galactic Cup Knockout phase

Does everyone agree that top-4 recruits from each group will advance to the knockout phase? This decision is made based on the latest change of the winning points at the group phase and it makes more competitive between recruits.

I think this idea will occur when the next galactic cup starts or next update.

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I agree that top 2 is way too low. In FIFA World Cup or similar tournaments, usually the top half of each group moves on to the knockout phase, sometimes even more.

If we have 256 players participate in the 15-day group phase (16 players in each group), the top 8 of each group should move on to the knockout phase, but that also means the knockout phase is longer (7 days instead of 5 days because there are 128 players here).

Currently players in the 3rd place on the Group leaderboard get the same key rewards as players in the last place (because they are all eliminated), even though most 3rd place players are very dedicated to the Galactic Cup, completing almost all missions assigned to them. So scretching players out more will make it more fair in distributing key rewards based on current rules.


Really? I haven’t had key rewards before or I’ve had but not notice about that

I’ve changed it to top-4 advancing if there are 8+ players in each group, and top-8 for 16 players.

Changed in v.94.4 (server-side) :medal_sports: Idea

I will try to apply this patch tonight, before the knockout rounds begin.

Key rewards are given for each knockout round (not during the group phase).


What are the key rewards again? I only know that I get 100 keys if I made it to the group phase, and this is awarded when group phase begin. I read somewhere that it’s 200/300/400/…for each round but I’m not sure about the reward process.

It’s 200 for making it to the knockout phase.

Then, for every round you advance, it’s 300, 400, 500, etc.


Do they stack or just awarded once? Because if they stack that’s quite a lot of keys, which they deserve because of how hard it is.

They stack. If there are 7 rounds, the cup winner gets 200+300+400+500+600+700+800+900=4400 keys.


Can you please free the chicken hunter license once again?


so we are stonk =))

Can the winner of the galactic cup also get 1000 keys?

They already get an extra 900 keys plus everything before it, which the runner-up doesn’t get (only gets the bonuses before it).

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why i never get any key reward for advance to the group phase and knock-out phase?

These rewards are in messages sent to qualified players at the end of each phase. Automatic messages expire after 24 hours, check your Inbox regularly.

i never got them, i participate in the 3rd and the 4th cup and got nothing, I only get the point and key reward from playing the cup mission

just checked again, i did got the message but never got the key, it just lied about it

Keys are definitely awarded correctly (the message looks like above), unless you remember your number of keys the day before to prove it.

yesterday, i have 137 keys and 2,3 k food
and today i only have 150 keys ( i have keys from squadron assignment reward and daily stipend) and i have 2,5 k food.
i should have at least 350 keys now but nothing happened. and i didnt bought anything all the time from the morning and until now, i still didnt bought anything and still dont have any keys reward

i think key reward are broken with me