Future game ideas

Okay, so I have got ideas to get InterAction Studios make games after CIU:

~Chicken Invaders 1 (Remastered), featuring with other bosses, all different waves, and also other game editions.
~Chicken Invaders 6: The Chicken Apocalypse.
~Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side (Easter Edition).


The Feathered Menance was already made as a fan made video

chicken invader 6 the final wave

Chicken Invaders 6: The Chicken Apocalypse


That ci1 remake sounds like it would be a completely different game,instead of just being a remake


It would be a reboot like rachet and clank. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Chicken Invaders 1,Chicken Invaders 2-TNW(The Next Wave.),Chicken Invaders 3-ROTY(Revenge Of The Yolk.),Chicken Invaders 4-UOE(The Ultimate Omelette.),Chicken Invaders 5-TCODS(The Cluck Of The Dark Side.)All Versions Christmass,Thanksgivings,Easters And Chicken Invaders 6-TIUD(The Infinite Universe Destroyer.)

Why did you list the episodes (and with incorrect subtitles. Come on, UOE and TCODS?)? The subtitle you chose for episode 6 also isn’t too good.


LMAO those are… weird subtitles especially last one which would make Hero the main villain if he’s the universe destroyer. :smiley:

Probably it’s a good idea only for CI6, because people would play it. Even remastered CI1 is still played
from like 10 000 people. If they make CI5 Easter Edition it would be popular only for months then people will not find it that fun. Like people now, everyone are crazy about CIU, they have almost forgotten about the other episodes.
And i think that IA said that CI5 will be the last episode of the game.:disappointed:

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Maybe in the next decade Chicken Invaders will went down with 1 final episode. Idk about the story levels and more, but i think that IA will certainly offer the best possible end.

Yeah,well they said that they may or may not come back to the regular series. So there’s not guarantee that ci5 is the final episode,while there’s also no guarantee that it’s not the final episode.

Probably they will stop doing episodes of the game and make more like CIU. Who knows :thinking:

Everything is up to time. If CIU reap success, they may decide to work mainly on it and constantly developing.

Personally I would love this series to end someday like for example chicken invaders 10.made with amazing graphics but still the same gameplay and built in endless mode so players keep playing it.

I know that, but it’s very a good idea I found though. Well I have to change the chapter idea for CI6 as Emerald said sry

True enough. I still wish that iA will make all waves completely different for CI1 remastered than the original one

TIUD is not a good idea for a chapter because the “Universe” thing is already used for CIU

Okay I will have to change it to “The Chicken Apocalypse” If that’s a better idea for the chapter name for CI6

That’s actually a better idea

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