Funny/bizarre mission codenames V2

Just due to the old one has closed
and more

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Did we really needed second topic for that? We already have one! And it isn’t locked either!?

It is

You sure

You do realise that you can just ask IA to unlock it, right?
We absolutely do not need two of these.


Ok so there’s a cat from hell pushing us

Oh look, is InterAction Studios


This is what IA wants:


Why the hell are there so many key rushes in 1 planet…

These are ‘‘To-do’’ marked missions. The planet shown here is random planet which BoredCelestial visited. Check the menus and other stuff in the game, its not that hard.

My collection (I know some of my stuff already existed here but still)Screenshot_20200301_222258 Screenshot_20200301_222231 Screenshot_20200301_222207 Screenshot_20200301_222145 Screenshot_20200301_222121

“it’s not that hard”
well yeah it’s probably easier than for you to not be rude to someone for the duration of more than about a day

This is considered rude?

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dunno i’ve always considered people saying “iTs NoT tHaT hArD” kind of sassy and irritating
people in my environment can also relate to this observation
maybe it’s just us though. sorry

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I just giving advice in serious and good way. The menu ‘‘galaxy exploration’’ is not hard to use and everything can be found for very short period of time. What attitude you expect from me? If you consider this rude, idk how you gonna get job someday or work without getting offended by little advice. Also, I respect every single user who join here and dont spit out on him after 5 days. I trying to be helpful and active here as much as I can, just like before to become unactive and unhelpful.

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Whoops, sorry! I haven’t ever used a marked mission list, so I didn’t know about it

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