Full Moon

Hey hey hey! I’m back with my greatest idea so far. The idea started to emerge 10 months ago, but I wasn’t emotionally ready to create it. Let’s move on to the idea itself.

This event only occurs during the full moon, there is only one mission on the moon.

The task is to complete 20 waves, the ship can only move horizontally, you have to fight your way through 19 waves to get to the boss. On each wave chickens fly around the moon and with each wave there are more and more of them, just like 120th anniversary.

Keeper of the Moon
Here is the specialty of the idea, Keeper possesses a golden scepter with a black crystal of the moon that he uses for attacks. (from the moment the fight begins, the player can move around the whole screen)

Attack 1 - Crystal Wrath (3 phases)
Phase 1: After appearing, it targets the player with a scepter to shoot white energy from the crystal after a while.

Phase 2: Moves to another random place, but this time will use the scepter 2 times

Phase 3: Another place again and use the scepter 3 times

The less life he has, the more the crystal in the scepter becomes more and more damaged and white (just fun fact) Anyway, after the first attack, he goes back to the middle.

Attack 2 - Solar Chaos
Summons solar balls that fall from the top and the player has to avoid them.

Attack 3 - Crystal Hedgehog
Attacks with crystals straight from his body, 2 on the sides are a little longer so that the player cannot get through too easily. (the crystal in the scepter is already badly damaged)

So he keeps repeating these three attacks until he reaches 75%, what happens next?

True Form
At 75%, the crystal breaks and all that power goes to Keeper…
Throws the scepter towards the player because he no longer needs it, you can treat it as a funny and bonus attack.

True Form Attack 1 - Manipulation of the Moon
Uses the moon itself to kill the player, the moon moves as shown by the arrows.

True Form Attack 2 - Manipulation of the Moon but horizontally
Same as attack 1 but horizontally. (uses these attacks until he reaches 90%)

True Form Attack 3 - Solar Revenge
An attack similar to Solar Chaos but this time the solar balls are smaller and summons them from his body. Lasts 5 seconds and then rests 3 seconds to give the player a chance to attack.

Thanks for your patience and reading. The only problem is that I don’t know where the moon would appear in the galaxy… once an event is completed, it can’t be played until the next full moon…


Question: why not lunar balls

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Attack patterns are decent though they could be a bit more sci-fi. I also really like the idea of limited time events attached to objects, it’s something really needed in the game.


I like the idea about event themed boss and the boss looks cool.


The idea itself is neat. Hands down no comment there, simply put, awesome.
But there is just one major flaw I can’t help but comment on:

A full moon event is based the sun’s and moon’s rotation around Earth.
It’s an even that would be unique to Earth and maybe other planets with moons depending on their position and what-not.

So simply because a planet is a moon, that doesn’t necessarily give it the ability for it to have different views like the ones you see on our Moon.
It’s all subjective and each case has got it’s very own scenario (planets with moons I mean).

You didn’t specify that there would be just a single moon where we could fight this boss, presumably Our Moon, so I assumed this would be an idea you wanted to apply to all moons when they are ‘full’, something that may not apply, realistically speaking.
Note: Actually you did, I missed that last bit of text at the end of the post, still, a single location and a single fight until the moon goes ‘full’ again would make it for quite a rare boss to encounter. A bit too rare. It should be a bit more versatile.
Additional note: Now that I noticed you specified there would be just Our Moon, you may ignore my ‘flaw’ since it’s not applicable in the current context anymore. But that raises another problem, the rarity of the boss. A player would have to know the exact location of the boss, would be able to fight him only once before a cooldown and would have to wait until they could fight it again. So this idea in it’s current state would lack versatility.

That aside, just as I initially mentioned, nice idea.


The moon chicken boss looks cool :smiley:


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