Full galaxy exploration

just curious of how many recuits have explored the entire Galaxy…


I have

:raised_hand: twice

Also very curious how many hours/minutes/days you played to get through the entire Galaxy

2 weeks


I already explored the whole galaxy about 3 months ago, so when you explored the whole galaxy, you get a medal for exploration of the galaxy

I explore all. Twice

when exploring the whole galaxy do you need to complete al the missions

It will take at least 6 years to do that, that’s why it doesn’t count.

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thank goodness

You sending really much assignments but after 3 weeks, i got 3 busy bee medals, thanks :wink:

no just visit all planets ,suns, gus’s gas, academy’s ,cafe’s , tents etc…

bet there is only a hand full…

nah its fine

i have not

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