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What do you mean by “more”? Right now the only issue players have is that some people can’t connect from Vietnam for some reason.


I’m playing from Vietnam :smiley:
(for somehow)


A LOT of people are playing from Vietnam…


Vietnam players in reality:

Not a meme, just a respond that Vietnam has no issuse


:question: What are item rarities? What do they do?

:grey_exclamation: There are three levels of Rarity, from least rare to most: Uncommon, Rare and Legendary.
They are indicated with diamonds on their name, and they have better stats than your usual equipment. Equipments Include: Heat Sinks, Reactors, Thrusters and Ships.
(But iA hasn’t gave the ships any benefits yet based on rarity though, so…)

For example, A Legendary Heatsink would have a higher heat capacity than it’s normal counterpart.
Do note that items with better rarities would cost more than unusual, but not by too much more.

Here’s an example of a Legendary.

(this is the best possible heatsink you can use, by the way. It’s practically doubling your heat capacity.)

Should you spot a legendary item, be sure to buy it if it’s the best possible equipment. (Don’t buy a Legendary Mr Fusion Reactor, but buy a Legendary Proton-Proton Reactor. It’s up to you, though, if you want to collect them, because who knows when you’ll run into it again?)


:question: How do you mod Chicken Invaders Universe?

:grey_exclamation: Though it IS possible to mod the game even after version 35, it is highly recommended that you do not. Unless you know what you’re doing, and it does not break the game.
The rules for modding is the following:
1: It must not provide the player any unfair advantages.
2: It must not screw the game up and increase support costs. (Crashing the game, for example)

Abide by these two, and you should be all good. But otherwise, the safest things, or the only things you should even mod is just game audio. But as for how to mod the game, I will not tell you how.

The following is an example of a modded CIU:

Audio and font mods should be okay, just don’t mess with the game mechanics and all that, please.


:question: How do I hack the game?

:grey_exclamation:: Unfortunately( or should I say fortunately), there’s no way to hack the game. If you use a program to hack like Cheat Engine, after hacking the game will crash. But don’t worry about being punished, the game is still in the early access phase, you’ll only lose your hacked items/stats.

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Very frequently asked question



:question:: Why i cant get extra lifes during a mission?


Already answered
UPD: Wait, I remember doing this

Ahh, it was for missiles. Ok, let me edit it.


:question: : I lost my Regular! What do I do to retain it ?

:grey_exclamation: : Unlike other ranks, Regular is a rank that you can actually lose.You lose your Regular maybe because you received a lot of flags, became less active or other reasons. To retain the rank, you’ll have to re-fulfill the requirements for Regular.


I don’t think people who can’t find topic near faq will ever try to read faq.


If you are replying on a topic which is relevant, it’s not a bump, it would be a bump if that topic was unrelevant, and right now this topic is the most extremely relevant at the moment.

Can i ask questions and explanations about the game directly to the community by making topics?Or does that count as spam?

Ask them here on this topic. You don’t have to make topics for that.

alright then,thanks.

You’re welcone.

How much food does equate to one key?

the normal rate is 1 food = 0.07 keys, though it varies due to price fluctuations


I have version 44.1 but i think that there’s a version v45 , what can i do to update my game?