Free keys exploit

Found a free key exploit!
This mission gives you a key per wave. So, I found an exploit can you patch it?
Versions: 81 - 89.1 Early Access
Here’s a link for the video on YouTube… (Sorry for the lag. My pc isn’t from NASA.) :sweat_smile:
youtube com/watch?v=WtM6rjbtQlM

its not an exploit

its a feature


whats next, are key rushes an exploit as well


i guess key packs are premium key exploits

this is not exploit its key rush mission and you can play it once only

…This is a comet chase.

Anyway, how could you possibly think that this is an exploit of any sort? Missions without regular key spawns drop a fixed amount of keys per wave scaling with difficulty. Otherwise you wouldn’t get any keys from them, it’s not rocket science.


Probably didn’t play for more than an hour

You can play it anytime you want if you add it to favorites.

he was talking about key rushes, they can be played once only
a comet chase can be played anytime, but still, keys spawning at the end of every wave is not an exploit

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P.S. Oops… I thought it was a joke, but I didn’t read the description carefully

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