Framerate issues [possible bug?]

(I am creating this topic just in case if anyone else hasn’t noted it)

I know this MAY be just me, but I have noticed that after a certain period of game time, the framerate drop to low amounts, to around 20-60 fps instead of the expected values, I’ve also tried increasing the max FPS to 120 (and even 125, which is the max for me), said change only helps a little bit.

Also (again, may be just me) when the frames drop THAT badly, the sound also glitches out slightly (I cannot even describe it), yes I am using external speakers, but it bugs me.

I know that this may just be in my case, and if it isn’t an issue with the game itself, I understand that. But in any case I made this topic in case if you’ve encountered issues just like me.

Feel free to reply to this topic and report any frame issues you’ve had that are similar to mine, or any other lag issues.

(also, I was unable to take a screencap to prove this, as with windowed mode I couldn’t get the results I was looking for)
(also, yes, this is on Early Access 9, but it also happened to me in the previous build)
(and ALSO, this may also be an issue with my Internet connection, that’s considering CIU is an online game and the Internet in my house is always in use, again if that’s the case, I understand, but I still want to know if this happens to you as well)

What happens if you quit and immediately reload the game when your framerate drops? Does the framerate go back up?

Your internet connection should not affect the framerate at all.

Also, how do you turn your computer off every night? Do you shut it down? Leave it on? Put it to sleep?

First of all, I shut down my computer at night, it’s a laptop.

Second, regarding the framerate drop, I haven’t really tested quitting the game and reloading it, might as well try later today.

Okay, so I’ve tried quitting the game, and reloading it soon after…

…the issues don’t really seem to persist.

EDIT: First I want to make sure others are experiencing lag issues, so that way I can see if this is a wide-spread problem, or if it is just me.