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It probably isnt a bug but some of the weapons are not able to be manually fired properly, for instance in v51_1 mission “everlasting remodler” 8/15 chiclen invasion i got the neutron gun and im pressing the space bar rapidly, but it isnt responding, only 1 in 3 presses actually fires - its also the same for a couple of the other weapons. [I thought I’d done “another” keyboard so i checked this one out, and it would appear fine in editpad], so, has there been a change in how the weapons react? I don’t remember it happening in 50_1. So…

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This is the overdrive, a new shooting feature that replaced Manual firing

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Eh, there’s no need to, since this isn’t a bug

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There’s a mechanic that can help you, actually. Instructions: Spam click until the weapon has Overdrive, then immediately hold the fire button, you’ll need a good heatsink though.

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@louhaven : This is a new change to the “overdrive” mechanic in v.51: Single click-and-hold will fire normally, double click-and-hold will engage overdrive (i.e. fire faster) at the cost of more heat, but only on certain weapons. You can no longer speed up the firing rate by individual manual clicks.


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