Forum CI Emoji collection

There is no CI related Emoji in Discourse so we will add here some later. This post will be updated.

Animated .GIFs can’t be just copied to use them again. If you copy any moving GIF as always, you will see image instead of . Please, read instructions below.

How to add Emoji to your post:

  1. Click with right mouse on GIF/Emoji you want to use
  2. Select “Copy image URL”
  3. When writing post, click image button and select “From the web” image
  4. Paste URL you copied before and click image

On phones:

  1. Hold Emoji to get menu
  2. Choose “Share with…” → “Copy URL” or open image in new tab to get URL
  3. Tap picture button
  4. Choose “From the web” and paste copied URL
  5. Press “Upload”

Bottom right corner picture button don’t work if you need to use URL!

You can use PC instructions on phone with “PC version” checkbox in your browser or simply download those emojis to your phone and use as often as you want.

copcarchick droid gift hen_solo chick1 chick2 chick3 chick4 military party missiledx coindx apple invader invaderkey uco1 uco2 ialogo ialogoS polar com-apng-maker com-apng-maker%20(1) com-resize ialike

Temp (You can use them if you want, but this is junkyard):

These pictures are saved for possible future use, don’t expect a lot from them.
firepower Atom200x70 Atom200x70D Atom200x55 Atom200x55DAtom AtomD Atom200x70DAtom AtomD

Special thanks to @EmeraldPlay for almost all .gifs.


Or… Not CI Emoji?

Only CI on CI forum.

That’s good one.

How about some from my Discord server?



First one has some problems with transperent. Others will be added soon, thanks!

Oh ok

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Changed, thx

I’ve got Pennutoh and I’m not afraid to use him! PennutohHasAGun

Improved the atom gif

it was made with Discord’s dark theme in mind so it uses its bg color


Here’s what I ſee:

Will add few more


I always wondered how it would look like if InterAction Studios made the atom from scratch in every game. You know, because it represent 3 weapon presents in CI2 and right now we have 12 weapons in CIU.

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Does CI use full 3d models, or 2d that look like 3d?

They are 3D renders.

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Keeping this topic bookmarked just in case if I ever need to use any of these. image

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Can this be added?

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This one is too wide. I can erase right part with text so it will fit ~1:1.

i know right XD

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