Forever stuck on logging in?

Is anyone else having trouble logging in into the game?

Stuck here

Me. Maybe @InterAction_studios will fix soon.

Same problem here

Is the server down or am I doing something wrong?

I am stuck logging in to the game too, I don’t know what happened! Everything was running perfectly.

i thought i got ban

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The server is down.Look at the Game Server Status.

Server is working again.


It happened again… anyone else? also do you know if you can co-op locally or online already?

You can’t.
And afaik there aren’t currently any plans to implement it.

Still getting the Socket error. Been trying on 2 computers with 2 different internet connections for 4.5 hours. Can’t log in. Seems “Server is functioning normally” every time I check. Is everybody still getting this? We are updated to current 11.2 version.

The IP address of the server changed during the crash. Something in your network is still probably caching the old IP.

Are both your computers connected to the same ISP?

Try: (a) rebooting (b) running “ipconfig /flushdns” in a command window ( c) waiting 12-24 hours.

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Oddly enough had to reboot/flush twice, but up and running. Thanks.

Sometime I use alt+tab, it said “Connection Lost”