For the next version of CIU

I want :

  1. Contacts can chat,
  2. Contacts can give items,
  3. Contacts can be invite for multiplaying.
    What do you think?

You make it ſound ſo eaſy…

“For the next verſion of CIU”
Oh yeah, a week ſhould be plenty of time, ſhouldn’t it?


I wish that:

  • Appetite Attractor had more range and wouldn’t pick up gift boxes.
  • Shockwave capacitor did more damage than they currently do.
  • The speed at which the original space crab would throw chicks and chickens at you would be decreased.
  • Meteor Storms, Comet Chases and Supernova missions would give me multiple keys per wave.

These are all highly anticipated ideas amongst the community, but they pretty surely can’t be done from one week to the other. Maybe we’ll get them someday.

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I like that

“Contacts can chat”. No, that will never be added. You can use LINE or Discord or WeChat or thousands of other public chat applications.

I think the reason they don’t want to add chat, other than stated in Early Access version 14, is the difficulty of moderating comments (warning: swear words below. Read at your own risk and please don’t flag this post.)

For example, if they program the game to automatically block fuck or shit or bitch then players can easily use f u c k, fu ck, f uck, f u c k, b it ch and millions more of possible letter combinations (including other NSFW words) that cannot be easily managed. The game is designed to be family-friendly (with only a mild violence) so it’s better to be safe then sorry.

On the other hand, if they strictly block everything “fu**” then the word “future” will also be blocked, limiting players from chatting things they want. So for the game’s reputation, @InterAction_studios please don’t add chat. You will have a hard time to manually moderate them.


Okay. No chat.

Both these are same to my ideas(3rd one is in my brain, not topic)

Co-op Ideas

Are you heard about mute option?

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