Food rush mission

Some players prefer to store food rather than keys. So why can’t add food rush mission. I have an idea for food rush mission.

Mission bar…

Mission bar will be look like

(sorry for bad artwork and it just example)


The wave will be normal but 90% chickens are give super size food such as :meat_on_bone: (Super size Rost).


Boss also drop big foods. Each % Boss drop a big food such as…

Like slob chocken. But some boss can’t drop food such us the UFO , The Egg Cannon and other boss that doesn’t drop food.
Food rush mission also improve our score.
Don’t use bomber
What do you think?
(Sorry for bad artwork and English)


Already suggested. A LOT. Also, why do al of you keep on pinging iA? It’s not like he’s going to add it faster that way, y’know…

Ok. I edit this post.

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The ping still went to him, along with the notif of you editing your post. So it’s more notifs than just one. I recommend you don’t ping him in your future posts, unless it’s some game breaking bug, since that way it works for everybody (in a way).

Droid Raids are basically food rushes anyway.


This will be unfair for people which has Only bombers

Yes, I also think about it

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How? Why?

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Because Bombers’ slow speed makes them pretty much really inefficient at catching food.

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but their hitbox is big

Which can also put you in risk of being shot by a stray projectile. Also, what good is a big hitbox of you can’t move fast enough to get the food before it disappears?


Simple answer:
Don’t use “Bombers”. Try something else instead…

…that’s what was originally the reply.

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Super Size Me burgers are worth too much score. Not a very good choice.


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