Focus ship

Simple, quick idea I got a few days back.
This is the basic ship design, with very thin (disc like) wings.
Any color could do but this wasn’t taken yet.
The green is the ships weapon pod.
Yes just one!
The point of this ship is EXTREME FOCUS FIRE. All projectiles are shot from only this one point, and they will only travel in front. Auto-lock on weapons also only fire straight.
Now while at first when I came up with this ship I thought “Hey, that’s a cool alternative” until I realized focus fire has really bad drawbacks. So. Either propose scrapping this whole thing, or some bonus to counteract it’s focus fire. Plain ol’ bonus damage? Change it to just have one weapon pod but leave it unchanged? Say! I think this thing could get some use if done right.


Those wings reminds me of winged hussars. Are you hiding something?
(This isn’t meant to be offensive in any way, i’m kidding)
That Aside, maybe we can make the projectiles homing and increase the fire rate a lot?

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I would love to test it.

I’d prefer sticking with the light, medium, and heavy one-man vehicles we have now, and adding new paintjob options and physical add-ons to the vehicles.

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You created quite a pickle, Davoid, i’m trying to see some good in it, so…

  • Damage on all power levels will be triplicated;
  • At level 15, 2 bullets will be shot with a 45 degree angle
  • Increase in speed (30% - 50%).
    No. your idea is impossible to implement with some weapons. What do you wanna do with beam weapons? Photon Swarm? I can’t see a way out.

Yeah, physical addons to create truly unique ships is a big plus for me.

how dare

All weapons shoot directly forwards. That would mean all photon swarm projectiles would fly straight, like boron railgun and all others. Things like the hypergun would always shoot straight no matter the heat. Basically no spread at all. Lightning fryer and vulcan chaingun would just shoot straight and not even flinch to left or right. Forks would come out of one point and shoot forwards. You get the idea.
If IA decides that projectiles look too messy one on another, the weapon pods could just be one right next to the other.

Dammit I forgot the problem i wanted to highlight.

Basically, makes almost every weapon act the same. A permanent 50% spread reduction could work, but just having all focused into one point kind of defeats the purpose of having like 11 weapons.

Then we will be looking at a waste of time and keys

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