Flashing screen

sometimes the screen flashes while playing.
i think this is a bug. please fix it
i’m not good at english

Greetings! Could you please record this if it’s a GPU issue? Are you sure it’s not a problem with your monitor, perhaps?

Are you uſing recording ſoftware? I found that the Windows game bar had this problem.
I alſo had a different flaſhing iſſue which turned out to be my computer.
At any rate, I think the beſt courſe of action would be to get a ſcreenſhot of it.

No, only CIU
i’m using GTX 1060 and AMD ryzen 7 2700, 16 GB of RAM

Are you using fullscreen or borderless in the Options/Graphics/Advanced Options/Display? Do you use something like Night Light/ t.flux software ( applications which makes the colours easier for the eyes during the night )? I would also suggest to try and activate the “Tone down effects” from Options/Gameplay and see if it continues happening.

What kind of display do you use? Does it have 144hz and/or G-sync? Keep in mind that the game supports up to 125 fps for the time being.

Also, what kind of flash do you see?
Complete white, where you can’t even see the HUD ( score in the top left corner, lives and missiles in the down left corner etc ) or black?

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Full screen
No Night LIght, tonedown activated
Display : LG 27MP65, 60 hz
it was some random colors flashing

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