Flagships color on budget missions

On Budget Constraint missions, If the flagship is the same as your selected flagship, It’s colour and hardpoints will be used rather than being default.

(heatsinks, engines, and reactors dont count.)


I think this is a good thing.
It’s better to be in the top 10 in YOUR spacecraft than a loaner, isn’t it?

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I don’t agree with this idea. If you had a maxed out laser scope on your flagship, wouldn’t you be flying with that in a mission where not everybody who is flying it has that luxury? Also isn’t the point of Budget Constraint missions is that everybody flies with the same, randomized craft?

Although, your flagship’s colors could be put on the loaned ship (it’s not that logical) but this gives me a new idea, where spacecraft colors are also randomized in Budget Constraint missions.

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Oh, you’re right. Laser scopes should not be included.

And I also agree with the randomized colours for spacecrafts but only if you dont have that spacecraft.

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