Flagship style remastered [Please see]

I had made an idea last year which is here.
This was likely not added because it was a bit too much work for IA. Him not seeing my post is also a possible reason for it not being added.(Not sending any hate to IA, He is a really good dev.) It seems like that people did really like my idea on free customizing spaceships.
So this time, I have made a bit of changes to my idea. (using the same old pic)

This time, there is an exception. If there’s a seasonal event like Halloween for example; The spacecraft would have the seasonal styled customization. There would be an option for it. “Use seasonal customization” OR “Don’t use seasonal customization” Depending on your settings.

The only change I made was just adding more work for IA to do :person_facepalming: You guys can help IA by sending him the pre-done spacecraft customization paint jobs.
Another idea for it is that you would receive a medal ‘Free Paint Job’ (Use the free paint job customization while buying a new spacecraft)

ALSO: If you skip this, you can apply that paint job in the place where you paint your spacecraft, “Auto Paint Job” This is not free. It will cost the amount of keys required.
This time, I am doing a poll, Please vote:

  • This is cool!
  • Not cool.

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P.S, this was my most liked idea.


You Made A Great Idea…

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this one is good for the other ships since we will see its series version (or we can paint them lol)
also it needs that if chose a type it can rechoose it like
you chose the ultimate omelette and then want to change it to cluck of the dark side
tap on the ship and then on a new button called (change ship type) then you choose cluck of the dark side

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nice idea :smiley:

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@Anatolia where are you from ?


uh… IDK

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