Flagged Old Topic

(Sorry if this is in Incorrect category, i dont know of what is relasioned)
Today the old topic of EA got flagged again,

(Img. from @minasam123

But this topic at that time wasnt the incomplimient of a rule, it isnt spam or anything else, in this topic of joke, EA post some pictures (What looks good) to how we can see this story of faires, but this got flagged for some reason, its a very old topic and it wasnt nessesary to be flagged this hour, also, everyone forget,

Im not in side of EA, i just say what this topic goes good, it isnt a incomplement of a rule, it got flagged for no reason.

I will wait your opinion

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i dont know what happen exactly, but its a veeeeery old topic, i dont think what flag it right now its a good idea


@Francis did it

Interesting. Care to share from where you got that info?

(credits to @minasam123)


Pathetic. Not only because law shouldn’t work backwards (lex retro non agit), but also because this topic was already dead and buried deep down so what was the issue and what does flagging it now do?


I really don’t understand why one would flag a post from the past that was made when the off-topic category was a thing. The off-topic rules did not apply back then, so flagging them now is just really… ahem, stupid and pointless. Just leave them alone.

But seriously though, why? What’s the point of flagging that post anyway?


IA please, delete the Flag, please

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People, let’s stop fighting. I actually thought that it was a real EA employee, but I realized my mistake too late. iA, please unflag that post, it wasn’t breaking any rules at that time.

Like I wonder how the fuck so many people fell for that joke and thought it was the real EA. Barely anyone got it. This user’s post didn’t deserve that massive backlash it got. And not to mention:

It’s going on even to this date :smile: That’s just ridiculous now. At this rate you’re literally bullying the guy (obvious exaggeration).


That is just… such a HUGE bruh moment right here…

That’s the mark of a person who understands EA’s mentality very well and uses them in a manner that is very reminiscent of the real EA.


I mean Prit… when that topic was created, the moment I saw it I went “lol”. It’s kinda baffling how so many people thought it was real.


I only knew that EA was such a bad company on reading that post. I did know was a joke tho.


Pffft :roll_eyes:

The off-topic category is now hidden.