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You guys all know about the flag restriction: Only Regulars or above can flag post. But let’s move that restriction to only Members and above can flag. To avoid spam flag, Members can only flag 5 post a day/week. What do you think about it?

  • It’s good
  • It’s bad(explain why?)

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(Assuming “It’s bad” means member rank flagging is bad)

If you need to flag five posts a day, then you’re flagging way too much.

The purpose of a flag is to alert the admin (in this case, pretty much just iA). If something gets enough flags the system will auto-hide it because it’s clearly causing problems, but that’s not the point. There’s a reason it’s called a flag.

Right now, the forum has plenty of regulars (and it’s pretty safe to say they many of them check here daily). There are more than enough of them on-line regularly to flag anything that’s needing of it - there’s no need to have more flags.

It’s not like it’s a status symbol or “only privileged people should get to flag” - but it reduces the number of people flagging, and makes sure that the posts that are getting flagged actually warrant attention. If every second post in a massive argument gets flagged you can guarantee iA is not going to want to comb through all of them.

This way it’s definitely the actually problematic stuff that’s getting flagged.

Keep in mind that all the rampant flagging also prevents users from reaching the regular rank, too, so it will actually be slightly easier to become a regular with this change. :wink:


Wheres the inedit vote? Im very lazy to explain a lot of truth things What is against of the topic

Let’s make a flag number restriction: Only 5 flags per week

I agree about said Kylo Hen, also, sound rare what anyone Flag five times in a week, is unnessesary the restriction of Flag. Like works today is perfect

Though, I really miss spamming flags Kappa


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