Fix location of the ship after pausing the game (Fixed)

I pause the game, then resume the game

  • If you use ESC button on the keyboard, the postion of the ship won’t change.
  • If you use Mouse to click on the Resume button on the screen, the location will be … right on the place where you click :smiley: (It makes me die when I fighting against Space Crab 2.0). The location should won’t change, it didn’t appear in previous CI.

I understand what are you saying, but I just tested and for me, even if I click with the mouse, the position of the ship doesn’t change. I don’t know why it changes for you, normally it shouldn’t. :confused:

In fact, it did appear for me in CI4 and CI5, but not in CIU yet.

This is a known (and long-standing) issue, present in previous episodes as well. It’s on our list.

As a workaround, use ESC to close the menu instead of clicking on the “resume” button.


i use esc again not mouse

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