First thing came to my mind after seeing it

Its the turret from Portal
(I am current working on it to make it more like it)


Not the correct place to discuss this, though, I did an aperture sentry turret spaceship before.

I kinda prefer a bx for it, red laser scope, black straight exhaust and riddler. Bx for double riddler, and riddler because it looks like the turret’s weapon.
I liked it so much, all it missed is the laser pointing on what it hits instead of being a long foreground line.

Also, VF ships are from black nesa not aberture (check their description in the shop if you don’t know)

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What was the need to make a topic?!

Here’s mine


before all, its not like i can reply as many times as i want, there is this ridiculously long delay of 1 full fkn day so you had to wait a full fkn day to get your reply.
as for your question: there are more niche and stupid topics that dont get the feedback you’re giving right now. and this one is on topic enough, alongside the finished product of this topic will be a good

thats pretty good actually. it also has been a long time since i played portal so i kinda forgot the looks but i dont think it’d get any better than this, if not by a little

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why do you love this phrase? and yes i did make you wait one full fkn day for this reply

you didnt. the system did, what put the delay. made me get cold off of this forum
also your mindset is very similar to who i originally replied to, and it is cringe, and common for whose have exist on the platform “discord”

oh by the way my design was non aggroed version of the turret, your one seems to be in combat, just to add

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