First Kill

So this is a bonus you can get ONLY in Multiplayer games, It should look like this:

Yes i absoloutely suck at this crap
Anyway. The way you can get it is by getting the first kill in every single wave NOTE: The bonus score will not be shared with your teamates. AND can only appear when there are at least 2 people.

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Do you like it?

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I don’t understand this idea ,

Player starts a multiplayer game, after some time he is alone, he has an additional point at the start, which you will not get on a single person.


first blood


That is no challenge as other score ranks. As it is forced to be achieved in all waves (Because ofc you will have to kill chickens) so It’s no for me.

That’s just the same bonus from CI2 that didnt make it into the later games
it also had “rambo” “destroyer” for the player with the most enemy kills in a wave

though then the problem would be potentially gaining more score with multi than on singleplayer

It’s not meant for that. It’s meant to make people compete for the score.
I am personally very against that. When I think of ciu multiplayer, I think of co-op, not pvp. Not that it would matter much anyways.


Let’s not talk about the ‘‘Last Kill’’ bonus.


2 chickens at the oposite sides of each other, and players just waiting for another to kill one

Jeez guys, multiplayer games are not that competitive

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Actually, I like this idea. Nothing is wrong with it, multiplayer don’t have any competitiveness/pvp-esque within, just coop.

Though the only problem is you can only host and wait for players to join = first kill bonus is pointless. (Party-hosting when iA)

And if you are not happy with the bonus score, well. Just make it 0 points.

EDIT: My bad, I read “first kill in every single wave” wrong (I read it as “First kill in first ever wave”), though that’s kinda overkill, make it per stage perhaps?


There, i balanced it.

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