First ever negative point total in League

so my little project that took a bit over 3 months has concluded

As you may have noticed, I was trying to get this alt to reach the bottom of the leaderboard. There was another alt before this called “eks tselent”, but it ended up getting deleted due to inactivity

At first I only had this one, and it couldn’t manage to go below around 427 points due to the many players around it being unreliable and either not responding or declining my dares. Around the beginning of October, I got another alt for the purpose of helping this one. Due to the rule of being able to dare the bottom 20 players regardless of your point difference, it could stay within the 430-455 point range and keep daring the main alt. Eventually I had a friend and some other people help out with this, bringing more accounts for it, which sped up the pace at which it could lose points (about 2 points per day per account) and today it went below 0.

I kinda thought it would just stay at 0 instead of going into the negatives. It’s kind of disappointing but there doesn’t seem to be any point in going lower than this, so I think it’ll stop here.


the first in-game experiment completed

Lmao this is insane :smiley:

stop using negative in League or that player will be more negative point as soon as possible

Congratulator, you have entered The Debt League!

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