First ever fanmade screenshots of Chicken Invaders Universe with some suggestions!

Hello! I made fanmade screenshots of the game!
The screenshots show new comet outrun event, boss rushes and galaxy map.
The red otuline on chickens means that they are enraged and have more powerfull attacks, blue outline means that they are boosting towards the player. Also there is new UI for player which show health bar (no more lives system), energy bar (how fast the player is shooting and moving), ammo, coin count, score, key count and current player rank.
Hope you like my suggestions and photos! :smiley:
(I could’t post each photo separatly bc im new user.)


I do not like the new energy bar system, or ammunition (at least it could be a new weapon with this system) I do not like it because it would break the tradition of the game of a touch you die, but the rest pleases me

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Weapons are supposed to have unlimited ammo. Also, just so you know, the Yolk-Star™ and the Henterprise aren’t supposed to be that tiny. The Yolk-Star™ is as big as the eggs the Egg Cannon shoots, and the Henterprise is about twice as big as shown here.


Maybe I went too far with the Ui?
I mean the energy bar and health bar would be extendable through upgrades which developers mentiond and ammo and weapons would be dropped from chickens normaly. Also energy bar would go down really slow so it wouldn’t interrupt your gameplay. It would be more like a gas tank. The yolk star, Henterprise and Egg cannon are in the background that’s why they are so small. The yolk star and Henterprise are further then Egg cannon and new enemy.

From all of those things i like only the galaxy and the health bar.

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So many heros vs chicken bosses!

Yup. It’s so many of them. I can’t wait for this game :poultry_leg::poultry_leg: :fork_and_knife::fork_and_knife: