Firepower number gets stuck at 2 when i die

So basically,when i have an amount of firepower of that when i die, it should go bellow two,however,it doesn’t happen for me…
When i die ,even if i try to get my firepower count to zero,it gets stuck at 2 firepower.
This always happens to me.
Im not sure if this is intended or not,but its very strange if it is indeed.
I also have a lot of proof for this,but decided to not show any since it always happens,and i could make more recordings anytime,so if you want to see,then tell me.
I also hope that this kind of topic hasn’t been discussed before,even if it was,please let me know

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I don’t think it was discussed before, Also this only happens on a boss fight, not chicken invasion.

Were you using a bomber?

It has nothing to do with bombers. It’s what mina said, fp can’t go below 2 during a boss fight. Hell, if you enter a fight with 0 firepower(and decided not to pick up the charity), your fp will actually increase during a fight if you die. It’s probably this way so you’re not completely powerless when fighting a boss, no matter how often you die.


@johnmcfly3051 Also take in note that it happened since CI5. It’s to prevent you from being powerless as Orandza said, so i don’t think it’s a bug.

Should that number be risen up to 3 on harder difficulties?


But that’s gonna make the game easier a little, so let’s just keep it 2.

It really doesn’t make a huge difference, anyways. If you drop down this low on high difficulty, you might as well just restart(either just the wave, or the entire mission)

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Yeah, there’s the end session to help out

And it’s not limited to bosses, either. On Elite missions this rule exists as well.

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Tried that now, doesn’t seem to be the case.


It’s only for boss fights.


I’m more than positive this was the case on Elite missions as well. I can even snap some footage.

Well, please do, because I couldn’t get that to work

It’s intended. You don’t want to fight a 7 lasers Yolk-Star™ with a 0 :zap: weapon, right?

You know, I really feel like “tenſil” ſhould mean “uſeful”, in which caſe 0 :zap: is very untenſil indeed, regardless of the weapon.

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