Fire launcher weapon(not satelite)

a weapon that burn close at low level and at high level range become bigger and bigger

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Could you provide more detail?

can you help me with this idea?

If I had any good ideas of my own, I would poſt them! :stuck_out_tongue:

level 1-9 normal fire
level 10-19 green fire
level 20 and bigger blue fire

Those details aren’t that important. What is its fire rate? How quickly does it overheat? How much damage does it do at each power level?

fire rate - like the fire satelite
overheat - lvl 1-9 fast
lvl 10-19 medium
lvl 20 and bigger slow
damage - +15 at level up

In your firſt poſt it ſounded like it had ſome additional mechanic. Is that the caſe?

And damage at 0 firepower? Also 15?

yes also 15


I don’t think we need a weapon version of the Barbequer.


Wow. ~75 DPS. Truly a worthy replacement for the Moron Railgun.


A babeque main weapon?

something like that

I saw this idea before. It’s related to “Lava cannon” i think

Lava cannon didn’t have limited range,and against bosses,it always takes away 2% of health no matter how much health the boss has. This,however,is pretty much a barbequer as a weapon.


A Flame Thrower exacly?