Filter for Missions

So, you all know there are sort buttons in the “Missions” option. It sorts mission, ranking the missions by the topic shown on the button. But sometimes there are missions shoved down the bottom of the lists, and every time i want to play that mission, i must scroll through the whole list.
I suggest IA add a filter button to the lists. I haven’t play CIU until 1 and a half year ago, hence i don’t know if a similar idea was suggested and not accepted. But I still post this.
It will help searching for mission more convenient, as there are somebody who don’t know which mission to choose fron their lists, either it be “Saved Missions” or “Favorite Missions”. So it might be easier if they have more options to choose from, might it be difficulty ranges, types of missions, duration ranges, so on and so forth.


Rip comments.

but if you are already implementing


it is the section where it says “duración” what duration means

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