Fill all button

Do you see the Unmount all button ? , sure, I want to reverse this button, or in other words, Mount all, and I want to add a fill all button
Thank you


Already suggested and denied.


I know, but I hope they add IA this button. This button will make everything easier for you, for me, and for everyone

Why deny???

Well, IA have points of views on some ideas. but if you make a poll in EA topic and wait until people spend their opinions on it then IA might change his mind on this.

Because this discourages people from buying another set of fleet equipment (reactor, heat sink, booster…) which is not really intended to be bought only once. If you want to save your keys — pay with frustration of changing the fleet. There’s already an option that helps with this, though, it automatically mounts equipment if you only have one in stock.


Already suggested by me.

you can auto mount

Imagine someone having lots of ship equipment and “Fill All” doesn’t know what to choose…

Actually now that I think about it, it should probably rank said equipment based on how good it is, and add them all in one by one in that order, from top-bottom.

Like, sort it out based on type and quality: engines, reactors, and pick the best one out of each category to apply in.
Weapons + Satellites + Boosters are sorted based on alphabetical order
(because there’s not much else I can think for it to do)

Best it could do is take your usage stats for each weapon, satellite and booster and equip the one you’e used the most during recent days.

yeah , yes

As ilfireli and I said. Already suggested and denied.

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