Feedbacks and Bugs

Hello! I am going to share my feedback here and I will add some more soon.

  • The food prices are really low. I wish you can fix it.
  • The poker gun is OP but its pretty cheap, like you can buy it after 1-3 games.
  • The Systems needs more planet and the galaxies are so near eachother if you look at right down.
  • When you enable the “Discord Ingame Chat” and after using it, you cant pause the game. But if you close and open the game again or lost the connection and connect again, it turns normal.
  • I would see the CI3 yolk star (photo at down)
  • I would see swetear chicken in game (photo at down)
  • I would play with 2 people in one pc. Like local co-op.
  • Would be good if theres a system for making your own levels and sharing them in a workshop and monthly best 3 maps adding in official levels.
  • Will add more soon…

Space Crab v2.0 dont have a waiting time before power chamber.

Will create a new subject to explain my mission level system.

Why do you use .jpeg images instead of .png images?

Thanks to wiki :smiley:

What? What do you mean?

I took photos from wiki

Sometimes when you upload images on the forum they get automatically converted to .jpg. Probably to reduce the file size, though you can usually bypass that by uploading the image again.