Feedback: The Next Generation & Military Parade

The way how waves are generated makes some waves lose their theme which mostly having a mixture of enemies. This specifically pertains to both The Next Generation and Military Parade.

The screenshot above is actually Military Parade (CI5) but looks like The Next Generation (CI4).

The best adjustment on the mentioned waves would be:

  • The Next Generation only features enemies that are new to CIU: assasin chicks, poison chickens, coward chickens, etc. This wave is probably the best one to introduce them the same way as chicks are introduced in CI4.
  • Military Parade will only have enemies that have at least a little militaristic theme: pilot chickens, poison chickens, etc.

These furthermore increases the difficulty required to encounter them.


Can we maybe just rename them or something instead?


For the Military Parade yeah but for the Next Generation it’s for the above reason on new breed introduction (only one type will appear).

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What about Chickenaut Quartet which doesn’t even have chickenauts most of the time


Rename it Chicken Procession or something. idk.

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That’s also one, since such wave specifically mentions an enemy type. Those 4 chickenauts should stay as is and only the outer rows are given different enemy types depending on difficulty.

That’s too broad for a wave name (like some other waves).

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Enemy Quartet?

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Battle Quartet


There are a lot of waves what lost difficulty… Like Bundle o Chicks’ (I dont remember well the name)

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