Feedback, Ideas, Improvements - My impressions of the EA

Greetings dear community and Interaction Studios

So, I have been playing the first hour of Chicken Invaders Universe and I must say it’s a great start into the right direction. let me start off with my first impressions.

Generally I have to say that the general splash screen looks well made, but at the same time way too simple. I mean, yes, it’s early access right now but at the same time I wanted to say that before the game goes into it’s full version.

Moving on. I have logged in and I see a very big universe. And it’s nice to see so many levels, so many possibilities of replay-ability. But I have to criticize the UI. It’s a little complicated to find yourself through all of this, and in my opinion as it is right now it’s no wonder that my BF was a little frustrated with how things were working and directing him. I mean the tutorial in honor, simple functionality does it too. I would suggest to put the most important buttons and directions on the top bar. Stuff like the shop, equipment, playing a game… Things like these are important and often used, so putting them somewhere obvious is the best bet for everyone. New players and old players alike.

I would also recommend and suggest to give the player the opportunity to set a name for themselves immediately when they enter the game. I wanted to enter this game and look who was playing and I immediately noticed that everyone was anonymous… Which is a little annoying.

Well, moving on to the gameplay. What I immediately noticed: The difficulty. I will be honest here, the difficulty spikes really high from the begin on, and then the next planet was super easy. And I say that as someone who is playing SHMUP games on a regular basis. For my BF it was even more frustrating because he was immediately forced to die in the first 4 waves. Which leaves bad impressions on new players.

So, with that in mind, I would like the first planet to be enforced, as well as the first mission/s. To protect the game and the player, that is. Trust me, this will get you to lose new players who are actually new to that general game concept or the game itself.

Well, the last word I can lose here is that you should probably consider making stuff like missiles and life a permanent and basic thing. Seriously, this is like giving your character in an MMORPG the ability to suffer to die permanently and you have to create a new one. It just doesn’t work out. We have the ability to set out load out, which is good enough of a restriction already. Don’t restrict the game too far, otherwise you will take a good bunch of functionality and playability from the player - and trust me when I tell you that you really don’t want that.

The rest still needs some discovering from me.

Regards ~ PeriCore, or Pilot Nightsky


Also… Quick addition: Remove the “Lost focus” thing. it’s super annoying, because I alt-tab out of games so often because of Discord, it’s really annoying.

Yeah, game is freezing when minimized and instantly losing connection :confused: I hope this issue will be removed from this amazing game :slight_smile:

My only complaint is the look of ui, everything else is perfect for now, chickens never looked better, good job IA!

I just confrontated the egg cannon in the daily mission!

I guess theres a problem about turkish keyboard esc button. I cant press esc while playing the game.

Keyboard layout should not affect things. Does the ESC key work at the game’s title screen / main menu (with the two square buttons “Save the world” and “Options”)?

they do. But neither in Mission doesnt.

Weeeeeird. The “Pause/Break” (normally it’s above the six-key cluster with "Insert/Delete/Home/End/PgUp/PgDown) key can also bring up the in-mission menu. Does that work for you?

Its 12 pm and I closed computer newly. Will check it up tomorrow. Thanks!

I just tried it, and it does not work either.

You mean the ESC key doesn’t work mid-mission? Does it work at the title screen?

It does work on the title screen.

Huh… ok, we’ll investigate.

Signing off for the day. Hopefully the server won’t catch fire and explode until tomorrow (fingers crossed) :crossed_fingers:

Oh… I just wanted to ask if the insights worked… welp

I guess you guys fixed it. Thanks!