Feature : multiple slots filling

OK , may be you like this idea . by using this feature , you can fill slots of mission config or spaceship load out by selecting an item and move on any slot get automatically filled with that item instead of filling slot with items one by one , you can fill multiple slots at once by dragging any item on any slot.You can also disable this from settings , where pro-gamer mode is located (sorry for bad English).

  • multiple slots filling is better
  • no , filling one by one is better

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You can drag a placed item in a slot to another to place an item like it in the slot you drop it on.

drag any item on any slot , slot will get auto filled with that item .

No, I don’t mean your idea. The thing I just said is already a feature in game.

I mean on “multiple slots get auto-filled”

I wish we could just slide across the screen with our cursor with e.g. an extra life selected.

i mean you have to select an item and slide on any slot , then that slot get automatically filled my that item .

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