Favorite Chicken Invaders song


what are yalls favorite chicken invaders song. mine is the ci3 3rd track, the beggining of the henterprise theme, and the ci3 theme


I totally dig CI2 soundtrack. It’s one of things that made me remember this game and stuck in mind forever.
just to funk and xmasmix.mod are the best.


those too also


Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette main theme is the best.


This is my personal top 5 (with fan-names)

1 Ready to blow? (Comet chase and meteor shower)
2 boldly goes whenever it pleases (henterprise villan theme)
3 You can’t lose! (Ci4 boss battle)
4 A rush to save the world (ci3 main theme)
5 You have go go back to the future (the retro theme)

Honorable mentions:

You will pay for your insolence! (yolk star tm villan theme)
Big guy warning! (Ci5 boss theme)
Hurry! (Ci4 the theme is played in charpter 3 and 11)


First part of Yolk-StarTM.

CI4:UO - Title Theme (Chapter 12)

CI5:CODS - Title Theme (Chapter 12)

CI5: Chapter 3, 7.


CI3: Mission 1 music, title music
CI4: Mission 1 music, mission 3 music, feather/supernova mission music, Lost in space… and time music, title music
CI5: Henterprise music, Boss music, mission 3 music, planetary mission music, title music
CIU: well for now i dont have a choise, but the title music is awesome.


My first part of this game was Chicken Invaders 2.I played in 2006-2007 years in Russia (Yeah yeah,don’t be surprised, I borned in Russia and played this game)
My Favorite songs:
CI2: Theme (not remastered)

CI3: Boss

CI4: Theme

CI4: Two Forks are Better than One

CI4: Egg Cannon

CI5: Theme

CI5: Chapter 1

CI5: Boss

CI5: Henterprise