Favorite Chicken Invaders song

what are yalls favorite chicken invaders song. mine is the ci3 3rd track, the beggining of the henterprise theme, and the ci3 theme

I totally dig CI2 soundtrack. It’s one of things that made me remember this game and stuck in mind forever.
just to funk and xmasmix.mod are the best.

those too also

Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette main theme is the best.

First part of Yolk-StarTM.

CI4:UO - Title Theme (Chapter 12)

CI5:CODS - Title Theme (Chapter 12)

CI5: Chapter 3, 7.

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CI3: Mission 1 music, title music
CI4: Mission 1 music, mission 3 music, feather/supernova mission music, Lost in space… and time music, title music
CI5: Henterprise music, Boss music, mission 3 music, planetary mission music, title music
CIU: well for now i dont have a choise, but the title music is awesome.

My first part of this game was Chicken Invaders 2.I played in 2006-2007 years in Russia (Yeah yeah,don’t be surprised, I borned in Russia and played this game)
My Favorite songs:
CI2: Theme (not remastered)

CI3: Boss

CI4: Theme

CI4: Two Forks are Better than One

CI4: Egg Cannon

CI5: Theme

CI5: Chapter 1

CI5: Boss

CI5: Henterprise

I know this is a huge bump, but that’s better than another topic for the same purpose.

From the whole CI series, I’m taking one of CI5’s either second or third music, but can’t really decide wich one. If we’re going to make a top 5 it would be just CI5’s tracklist, so I will do a top 10 instead:

  1. Blade of Revolution (or Gamma Chthon?)
  2. Gamma Chthon (or Blade of Revolution?)
  3. Henterprise theme
  4. CI5 Boss theme
  5. CI5 main theme
  6. CI2 remastered theme
  7. Yolk-Star™ theme
  8. Supernova Explosion
  9. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs
  10. CI3 third song

I think I don’t need to say that CI5 musical direction is definetly the way to go for me, a really dark and serious tracklist, maybe even a bit too serious for a game of killing intergalactic chickens. But the way that also visuals got darker and serious makes it match perfectly to create a great atmosphere, without forgetting that we are saving the world from… intergalactic chickens.

CI2 remastered theme was new to me in Universe, since I never played that version, and it also has a nice serious tone on it, I could happily take more of this.

CI4 in overall also have nice soundtrack, something more relaxed excluding supernova explosion. Egg Cannon’s theme starts amazing, but then it goes almost unnoticeable, to the point that I thought the battle was made to remain silent until it started looping.

CI3, musically wise, doesn’t bring me much instead. Third theme is very nice to hear, and boss theme is nearly perfect in tone and danger feeling, but it feels too short for a boss theme where you use to be stuck a quite long amount of time. Yolk-Star theme is brilliant, but it sort of gives me post-traumatic stress.

CIU music, well, I don’t use to listen very much the main theme because it only plays on the main menu and when you’re not on orbit (something that doesn’t happen too much for me), but I think it sounds great and quite serious too. Perhaps once I listen it complete it takes a place on that list.

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CI3 : The Great Unknown
CI3 : Perseus Galactic Arm
CI3 : Yolk-Star™
CI3 : Main Theme
CI4 : Main Theme
CI4 : Supernova Explosion
CI5 : Gamma Chthon
CI5 : Henterprise

Well, seeing as how this topic got bumped, I might as well post. Overall, my favorite song in the entire saga has to be the CIU 120th Anniversary medley


my favorite is definitely Pink - Just to funk

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CI2 Main Theme (Pink - Just to funk)
CI2 Ending Theme (Original)
CI3 Main Theme
CI3 Comet Chase Theme
CI3 System Clear Theme
CI4 Main Theme
CI4 In a Galaxy Far, Far Away (Chapter 1 Theme)
CI4 You Can’t make an Omelette without Breaking Eggs (Chapter 3 Theme)
CI4 The Feather Fields of Yolkon-7
CI4 Boss Theme
CI4 System Clear Theme
CI5 Main Theme
CI5 Chapter 1 Theme
CI5 Boss Theme
CI5 System Clear Theme
CI5 Main Theme Halloween Edition
CI5 Main theme Christmas Edition
CI5 Boss Theme Christmas Edition
CIU Main Theme
CIU 120th Anniversary Theme

I like the entring music of CIU(showing logo)more than the others.

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