Fatal Hypnoſis (wave idea)

This is a propoſal for a wave with the title “Fatal Hypnoſis” and the ſubtitle “Proceed with caution!”.
The wave begins with one enemy (type A) in the center of the ſcreen, ſurrounded by ſix other enemies (all of type B, which may or may not be the ſame as type A). See figure A.
If at all poſſible, on harder miſſions type A ſhould be a lot weaker than type B, but on eaſiër miſſions it ſhould be ſtronger, for reaſons which will ſoon become apparent.
Alſo, the 6 type B enemies ſhould ſpin clockwiſe around the type A enemy.

Figure A: Stage I of the wave.

When the middle enemy is halfway cooked, a ſafe zone appears around the group (note that when the ſafe zone appears, it’s likely not that ſafe, but it’s important for it to appear in a timely enough manner that Orandza won’t complain). When the middle enemy is killed (juſt the middle enemy, not the whole group), the ſcreen zooms out, and rings of chickens form around the ſafe zone from the top of the ſcreen, ſtarting with the innermoſt one. See figure B. The ſpaceſhip ſtarts rotating clockwiſe at the ſame ſpeed as the original group of ſeven enemies, and the rings rotate in alternate directions and different ſpeeds, somewhere between CLV and CAV, I think. Each ring is compoſed of 1 or 2 types of enemy, with a 50% chance of having juſt one type, and each ring beïng calculated ſeparately. Rings with two types have the types alternated.

Figure B: The entrance paths of the chickens for ſtage II of the wave. Woe betide any chicken hunter who is left with chickens ſtill in the ſafe zone, as he will ſhortly find himſelf chicken-hunted!

At this point, if the player has ſtill not killed all of the original type B enemies from ſtage I, tough. They keep rotating at the ſame pace as the player, which means that they could be impoſſible to kill until after the firſt few rings are gone, barring viä ſpecial weapons or ramming. The good news is that on eaſiër levels with downwards-dropping enemies, the player is at no risk of an attack by theſe chickens, due to the fact that they’re ſtuck behind the player. Still, they could get in the way, and if you have a chickenaut there, enjoy!

Anyway, the wave ends when all the chickens from both ſtages are killed. The way I’ve drawn the ſtage II paths, I realize that one could theoretically hid in a corner rather than the ſafe zone, but what with the rotating ſhip, I’m inclined to think that this is not the beſt ſtrategy. Alſo, if it turns out to be neceſſary, bubbles like thoſe on Chicken Rings could be added to ſtage II, either on all appearances of the wave, or juſt on the higher difficulties. Alternatively, the ring formation in ſtage II could move slightly around the ſcreen in circles to require more movement on the player’s part, as well as beïng rather fitting given the wave’s name. At any rate, let me know what you think!


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