Falling garbage wave

Add a wave where random stuff drop from the top of screen (Or can be changed from right left and buttom) Random stuff like barriers rotating chicks rotating chickens like when in CI2 and CI3 when the chikcen lose a ballon or umprella they fall down rotating, Broken UFO’s and maybe if there was an intergalactic portal falling can it spawn regular chicks and chickens.
Also dificulty can change the speed and the number of falling objects.


This idea reminds me a concept from the early days of the forum.

In that idea the user suggested a while new scrapyard mission where every wave was similar to your suggestion

I liked it then and I like it now

(I would have liked to link the old one but could’t find it)

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This reminds me to this.

Do you agree on this wave idea?
  • Yes!
  • No!

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Is that impossible to do that?

What do you mean

Some of idea is impossible to in the game. So If IA can add this feature then this is possible.

Nah, They can make some stuff never disappear.

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