Fake Wave in CIU


Eh, it doesn’t fit, it’s basically a wave skip… perhaps on rookie downwards, but still, filler.

This needs to be added… for the memes!


Actually yeah, but it shouldn’t count as a wave :wink:

I think it Ĺżhould, but it Ĺżhould have leĹżs chance of appearing than other waves.

Problem is when it would come up for someone and lose out on score/keys for highscore. Unless it is just a wave that will always appear… which actually… I guess it wouldn’t change that much. Just make it rare, yeah.


Should be rather rare, because if it comes up too often, it means wave skipping. Besides, CIU won’t have the funny dialogue the original game had, so…

Although it might be poſſible to implement for this wave.