Ok so all of a sudden when I log in it won’t connect EVER! I don’t know what the deal is but it says Failed Socket Error SOCKETRR_ETIMEDOUT. Is it supposed to do that now or something?? It says the server status is doing fine. Please help anyone!

Because IA is offline,so they can’t change it. The server is in fact (most likely)down.

Oops my bad I hit delete by accident, but yeah hopefully that’s the case. I sure hope I didn’t lose any progress from the game :worried:

IA is using server to store your progress instead of local data. So technically, your data is fine.

ze servers got burned down

Server is offline now lul

It’s happening to everyone,you can see that just by taking a look at recent posts in the Early Access 17 topic

Sorry everyone, the server did indeed deadlock last night and couldn’t respond. I’ve rebooted it now, looking into why this happened.