Failed: Other side closed connection

Why does it say this for me when the servers are up and running and I am updated to the latest version of the game? Does that happen to anyone else? I tried reinstalling the game but for some reason, it just doesn’t wanna connect. What should I do?

Update: It only does this on Steam. When I download the game without Steam it works.


same issue here
have tried restarting and redownloading but to no avail

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It does say the servers are up and running but maybe that didn’t get updated yet. So it might not be on our side.

I’m also having this same problem, I’m guessing it’s probably your Internet acting up.

My internet? But everything else works. And this game works fine with even low internet speed for me.

Exactly, I don’t know if they forgot to update that, cuz this game usually works, but when I load it, the bottom bar of the loading when it logs in takes a while and it says failed other side closed connection.

Buy a new router

i promise ive clicked the check server status button like a billion time before no need to bring it up here /lh

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My router works fine lol, how would I post on this forum if it was broken?

Bro are you using 5 mp/s you can atleast post on the form with that much

No I use 10 and over. It’ll be a lot better soon tho cuz Imma use ethernet soon.

the internet speed is not relevant to this problem im pretty sure

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How about reinstalling the game

I already tried that.

Complain it to Interaction

Well I’m sure they’ll see this post. But if they don’t I will.

No no message them

Alright will do.

I notice that when I play it on Steam it says this, but if I download it without Steam, it works. It must be a problem on Steam’s side.

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