Extra options for Menu Settings + Confirmation window

Heyo, first forum post here. Hope everyone’s having a nice week! I have a couple suggestions for the game which I hope can contribute to the overall game experience.

First, I am quite aware that the Pro-Gamer mode already reduces screen shakes, but I think an individual option to set the “strength” or intensity of the screen shake would give the player more freedom to customize their game experience. Maybe it can have at least 4 different degrees of intensity <<High - Mid - Low - None>> with the default option being… well… that’s of your choice.

Secondly, since unwanted infinitely looping sound issues are being a thing lately, it’d be cool to have, at least temporarily, a debug button in the Sound settings to reset/reload all sounds in order to eliminate those looped sounds that are being reported lately. Kinda like what minecraft does with all the F3 + (…) debug options.

Last, and my sincere apologies if it has already been suggested before, but I’m one of those people who like to move quickly between screens by using the Esc button, for a matter of time-saving convenience when moving across an interface. However, I always come across this problem every time I’m done customizing my ship loadout with all the gadgets and other settings and I forget to double-click the confirmation button to save the changes, due to said habit of repeatedly pressing Esc. Therefore, I think there could be a floating window in the center of the screen suggesting you to save your changes before exiting the screen (maybe something like: “Hey, you have unsaved changes in this screen! Do you want to save?” ** --Yes-- --No–**). If the window results annoying to the users, they can mark a little "Don’t remind me of this again."option at the bottom of the window.

I’m aware that these might not be even strongly necessary, but again, I believe these could be a reeeeeeally small improvement to the overall experience of the interface and the game.

Thanks for reading! :wave:


That’s actually good.

actually good

I’m not aware of any circumstances where pressing ESC would cause you to lose changes. Pressing ESC at the loadout screen returns you to the main fleet screen, but if there have been any changes then you MUST press either “Apply” or “Cancel” (ESC doesn’t work)


The game is meant to be challenging. Game shake is a part of this challenge. Custom alterations defeat the concept of your progress in skill development. Every pilot plays by the same rules and conditions. This is why it is fair. Safe flying and welcome. Be well all…

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