Extra functionality for regional markets-Part I

This is the first of the series of my ideas,because I’ve long felt that the regional stores are a bit useless.Today I’d like to tackle Heroes’ Academy,because it is so rarely visited.

Basically,there could be a test-your-skills mode that gives sample missions that allow you to test your skills with different ships,perishables,and special weapons.These missions do not count towards score,keys or food at all.

They award a fixed amount of keys on completion depending on the difficulty and duration,which maxes out at 500 keys,for 99-100% difficulty and 4*10 waves,which would make farming hard,because you will be stuck with a random ship,weapon,perishables,special weapons and skill level which is fixed for each challenge.

If you’re done with your daily challenges and are looking for more,go right over to Heroes’ Academy.Three or four challenge missions are generated everyday.These missions can only be attempted once a day,and eill be cleared by the next.Challenges are different for each outlet.

One sample mission:Darkness,1x6 waves.BX-9 Mjolnir,5x3 missiles,3x3 Dimensional Phase-Out,2 extra lives,1 Thrust Vector Control,4x3 Clucker Bombs,3 Mass Condensers, 1 Eggular Repulsor,2 Invulnerability Extendors,Vulcan Chaingun Firepower 12.200 keys.It fills all the slots,but sometimes there’s so much rubbish that it could be a liability,which adds to the challenge.

It also provides for one-boss challenges,awarding 25-50 keys only.

You can change you weapon,but overall it’s a test of how well you do with the resources given to you.


it’s like the challenge mode in swamp attack and it’s great just like this idea
i hope it gets impelemeted

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You’re not alone with that.

So it can be either training mode or difficulty challenges. Both were suggested long ago, but we have to wait more to see.

I’m lost. Do they count or not?

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They do not generate keys in mission, but give a fixed amount at the end, from what I’m understanding.

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Or maybe they could,seeing as you attempt them only once.Feel free to modify.

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