Good day @InterAction_studios. I was playing the game just now and realized I was getting keys for exploring planets that was already explored. I don’t know if this is a bug or a glitch but I say that I would let you know.

Edit: Was in the dark for the longest while. Last version I played was 15

it is totally fine, (not a glitch/bug). you got a stupidity medal. :medal_military::medal_sports:

You’re so genius to found this bug omegalul

Then we shall exploit it before IA fix it :blush:

The exploited keys will be keeped then :wink:

Never saw this bug.

We just went through your account’s history and we can’t find any case of this happening. A couple of things to note:

  1. You get exploration rewards for each star system, plus for each individual planet (including moons).

  2. The messages about the rewards won’t instantly disappear after you read them. So, if you log in again, it’s normal to see them again (this doesn’t mean that the reward was given twice)

If you notice this happening again, note down the exact planet name and let us know.

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Thank you InterAction_studios. I keep this in mind next time I play.

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