Expand area on Yolk-StarTM


More Laser Cannons with larger map on 90% - 100% difficulty.

Yes, faster laser cannons’ movement.


It’s fine. Yolk-Star™ doesn’t need a zoom


I dont think so.


The Yolk-Star™ is a hardest boss in the game. You need enough skill to beat it without losing many life


1 life Yolk Star isn’t really hard at all.
Even with Moron Railgun.


And The Yolk-Star™ isn’t design for zoom (CI3 not have a zoom)




Yes, old can improve.


Only as new boss, like Yolk-Star™’s return.


The change on The Yolk-Star™

this and chicken invaders universe and we must make it harder than others.


I could like to see 10. But 8 seems to be like 4 when it was zoomed


I actually want to see 10 Laser Cannons or more.

But that’s okay.


I like it so much!


how to make such pictures


Simple Photoshop and resources of the game(s).