Exchanging idea, i guess?

i thought about this random idea, despite the so called ‘classic mode’ thing that is gonna be in CIU, i have thought about this exchanging thing called ‘risky exchanger’ where we can exchange either 50 food into a superweapon or 500k points into a extra live, can be helpful for long and hard missions, don’t use this on easy and short missions unless it’s really needed to be used and the points-into-lives won’t be really helpful to use on the daily challenges too, use it when it’s really needed. i think this should be made into a hardpoint, however this thing has it’s limits too, you may be only limited to use this for 10 times, and now that our cheats won’t be in the game, i have thought about this:
F8 - exchange 500k points into a extra live
F7 - exchange 50 food for a missile
F6 - 50 food for mine bombs instead
F5 - 50 food for dimensional phase-outs instead
F4 - 50 food for damage amps.
F3 - 50 food for shockwave capacitors
the thing should cost about 300-400 keys, won’t be upgradeable, and yeah that’s the end of this idea i guess, probably won’t fit but eh whatever i guess

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Seems hard/confusing to use as well as making items a lot more pointless, especially missles because food/key ratio is reeeally low.

Now think about mobile players. They have no F1-F12. Adding more buttons will be bad.