Evil key

Idea came that at some point in the game, when a large level of tier is reached (20 and above), some hens will shine in red. Upon destruction, a red key falls out of them, which does not give, but takes away all the keys that you accumulated for this mission at this point.


Taking away all of your keys is too harsh.


In any version of Chicken Invaders, first priority should be not hitting eggs (or other lethal projectiles). If this were to be added there would be many situations where an egg (even on your last life!!) would be more beneficial than taking the key.
So in my opinion it doesn’t feel right. We have enough falling objects to avoid as it is.

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Mmmm, let’s write better.

  1. “All the keys that you caught in the mission before.” In my opinion, usually for a level of ten waves of such keys, about five are typed. Given that such a key only flies out of chickens, this will not affect levels with many keys, such as Comet Chase or Meteor Storm. But it will add sharpness to the levels of boss rush, because such a key could fly out of the chickens of the same “Egg Canon”, under normal circumstances, not a strong adversary.

  2. So, in most cases we hit eggs by accident. I personally play with the “WASD” key combination and sometimes I get into them by inertia. More often I get caught in the rays or droppings of blue hens. Such a key would become an interesting and dangerous subject, forcing the player to dodge the fire from unpredictable trajectories, and not to stand still, destroying the waves of hens with the help of our favorite “Forks”.

The possibility of being screwed over right at the end of a long invasion mission still isn’t very fine


This reminds me of Toxic food idea

And I don’t like it.


i’d say take away 1 or 2 keys at most, however i like the idea in general

“Red chickens” in game are very rare. Afraid to catch the wrong key - be careful!

This is just a game, not real life. Such cruel thing should not exist.


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