Events in CIU

events should also be in CIU on the website version and the steam version
the events will be normal missions, or even boss rush missions, or new type of missions that you can complete in singleplayer or in online multiplayer and you will be rewarded with alot of keys and score and stuff like that
and also events needs to be alot harder than normal missions

is it a good idea

  • yes
  • No

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We have Daily and Weekly Challenges already, unless they would be used for something else.


yes but events will be alot harder than normal and daily/weekly missions
and instead of rewarding you with keys and score and thats it you will also be rewarded with items from the shop
and events will be alot but alot longer than normal missions and the higher the score is the more items and keys you will get will be alot bigger

I thought events were the first thing people suggested.