Even more Chicken Invasion+Droid Raid waves

Wave 1: Droid Guarding

Droids will guard Alien Container in a form a 3 circles, they will spin around, go offscreen then enter again from the other side. Hit all of them, get the food and destroy the container before it disappears. The example above is the hardest look the wave could get, so in lower difficulties circles could decrease up to 2 and Security Droids could decrease to one. But from 100% difficulty there must be one Security Droid on each of the 3 circles.

Wave 2: Droid Bar

Droids will spin like a Firebar and you have to destroy all of them using anomalies. The speed will increase the more difficulty increases and this wave can be mirrored.

Wave 3: Learn Your Shapes!

Sorry I haven’t got a better name to call it. Chickens will form a random basic shapes and come from up & down. Every shape will roll around and spin a little bit. There can be only up to 4 shapes. Also more shapes are allowed(like star, hexagon, heart, etc…). Each shape will contain only one type of enemy.

Wave 4: Heavy Guarding

Although this isn’t a boss wave but I added Big Chicken in it. I think those should start appearing in some elite hard waves. 3 or 2 containers with Gatling\Laserguns in front of each to guard them. The enemies in bubbles will spin around. Bubbles won’t disappear until enemies around them are destroyed. You don’t have to destroy all enemies, for example to disable the bubbles at the left destroy the enemies around it only. Also only Minibosses and Saucers are allowed in bubbles, so Festers, UFO Chicks\Chickens, Slobs, Armored Chickens and Chickenauts(no Gatling or Laserguns obviously). The 2 Big Chickens will just roam around to block your way and annoy you but you don’t have to destroy them to disable bubbles.

Wave 5: The Maze

Before the wave starts the player will face right direction and the whole maze(barriers+enemies+objects) will come fast from the top. There are 2 types of fences normal ones which disappear & appear automatically and red ones which require to kill certain enemy type to turn it off. So for example in this section you must destroy UFO Chickens to turn off red fence besides container and you must destroy Slobs to turn off red fence at the top. If you reach to the Gatling\Lasergun at the end means you completed the maze and all you have to do is destroy it to finish the wave. This wave should have 4 forms of maze not just this one(I only made an example) and a random one will appear every time you encounter the wave.

What’s your favorite ones?
  • Droid Guarding
  • Droid Bar
  • Learn Your Shapes!
  • Heavy Guards
  • The Maze

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:new: Wave 6: The Fan

Danger zone will appear at the bottom middle and player will face down direction, then a fan made out of some chickens and barriers will appear from the bottom. Of course everything will spin either left or right except the barriers in green rectangle. After you kill all the enemies the whole thing will disappear, then the player will turn the opposite direction, a danger zone will appear again and another fan will come from the top this time, after you kill all enemies it will disappear and the wave ends. This also can be mirrored.

This wave wasn’t included in the poll so it won’t be reset


Amazing work!


That’s an amazing wave idea!
Hope iA can add them in the next update


The droid waves are getting a surprising amount of votes*, but according to their 12 years old lore, the supply droids have to eventually deliver food to their destination. Then again, there’s a wave called Droid Highway. Oh, well…

Seeing this made me feel sorry for Droid Bar, so I voted for that as well.

* why do i even bother keeping up with the ever-updating pool lol


its been 12 years already???


mhm :slightly_smiling_face:

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Happy Birthday, Droids!

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Uhhh how much left are even there

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Probably one or two millions.

They will probably soon die out

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I have an idea about this wave .
There are many breeds of chicken in the game but not big chicken
What If we change breeds of Big chicken
for example this chicken .

If it a big chicken be like this.


Alright everyone, I added another wave, be sure to check it out:


Nice wave, More like: Chicken Helicopter


Added to v.110 :medal_sports: Idea


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