Establising Route

Anyone got this problem too? I tried joining my friend using RadminVPN and it still doesn’t work.

Some VPN doesn’t able to connect to any multiplayer room. Try connect to another VPN.
I assume you got Symmetric NAT, which is painful. :confounded:

i have tried Radmin VPN before and sadly it didn’t work indeed

You can try changing UDP port . This helped me to join many multiplayer games.

Changing that to what? can u send a screenshot of your settings?

I change it to 222 but if it does not work then I change it to 2 but still if does not work then I set it to zero . remember to put right values . if you have port restricted nat and you set UDP port to 222 or else , then sometimes your Nat will switched to symmetrical Nat . but if you are using symmetrical Nat and you changed your UDP port and it does not work then you have to play game by using internet router . BTW what is your internet speed ?

I have no screen shot :V

1GB Fiber

For me: This is happened to me playing my friends multi room
Keep getting Establishing route problem
i’m using wifi on my bedroom

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