Error while running the game

Hello,I am receiving the error 0xc0000005 while running CIU this error does not show while running any other program I searched for a solution on google but found no real fix for it.

I have found a way to run the game for once but when I want to run again then i have to do the temporary fix again it doesn’t take alot of time to apply that temporary fix but still, I can’t live with it forever

I just want to know if anyone else receives this error?
Is there a problem in my PC or the game?
what can i do to fix it?


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Try restarting

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I am getting this error for 5 days now I have done everything i could but it didn’t help

Either a virus that corrupts applications or a faulty update, which is not uncommon. I cannot know for sure whether the following works or not, or causes more issues, but at least you will be able to look into the problem online more precisely. Do not take this for granted.

Updates which might cause this are KB2859537, KB2872339 and KB2882822. Some people say that removing either of these updates solves the problem.
If it’s indeed a virus, do a common virus check of the entire system.
There is also a risk that it’s just a corrupted system, which is hard to solve without reinstalling it completely.


And is it possible to reinstall his version windows 7 to be working on the game finely? It might be lose all datas of system, right?

I’m more worried about the activation. Unlike Windows 10, 7 can’t re-activate itself automatically simply by connecting to the internet.

thanks for the info.
The information from the internet states that its either a windows issue or bad ram memory issue.
But it also states that if its one of those then all self installed programs like browsers will also stop working.

Ouch. I was wrong with it.

But I simply have 8.1 still works extended but close for it will I install 10 eventually.

You should uninstall your programs if you don’t use it anymore and if you a less of memory RAM had 2-4 use one app instead of 3-4 apps at least.

Some apps always lagging/running on background apps.

Be sure for your email valid to link account

What exactly is this “fix” you are applying?


I also got that error when I was on windows 7. And I was unable to use some apps also CIU .I reinstall CIU to run game. I think it is because of virus.

I just reinstall the game and run it after the setup is complete re-installing and then i can open the game for one time

I have a clean windows with alot of free space and my ram is high enough to run high graphic games smoothly .I think upgrading windows 7 to win-10 or 11 would work.

Uhh… that’s odd.

Wait until the game crashes, then:

  1. Right-click on your desktop shortcut and select “Properties”
  2. Press “Open file location” button
  3. In the window that pops up, right-click on CIU.exe and select “Properties”
  4. Select “Digital signatures” tab
  5. Select each signature and press “Details”

Does it say “this digital signature is OK” at the top?


I did that and it says that the digital signature is NOT valid

Something on your computer is corrupting the executable – probably malware or a virus.

It’s hard to know what it is exactly – try this for a start: Free Virus Removal Tool | Free Virus Scanner and Cleaner | Kaspersky

Also, run a memory test just in case: Windows 7 x64 - How can I test my memory? - Super User


OK,thanks i will try it out and inform later

umm I found the cause of the virus .
the program couldn’t remove the virus so I tried to remove it manually from the control panel it would still not uninstall so I have decided to take the computer to a repair shop and then get rid of it,the application causing the virus was surprisingly a corrupt version of microsoft visual c++ redistributable which i did NOT download.
BTW i want to thank you for your help without your help this virus could have corrupted even more programs .

edit:I have already ran a memory test today and its all good.

And the game CIU is it work?