Error when quiting game in mobile for a while

Well, this happens anytime I quit but not force-close the game or disconnect with the server, then I reenter the game.
So I have a suggestion: When I try to enter the game after leaving for a while, the game will attempt to reconnect and will go back where I have left off.
Also, when the failed screen attempts, the game should replace the “Check server status” with “Reconnect” button. Or if you have been banned because of cheating, there will be a “Learn more” option that will direct you to the cheating policy page.

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I don’t see anything wrong in the logs that would cause the server to kick you out. Are you using a different account than moon2004?


This also happens with me if I kept CIU in the background for a moment.

No. What do I mean is if you go out of this game (not force close) but forget to disconnect (by going to the menu button) for a while, then go back to where you left off, then the game should try to reconnect automatically instead of showing this message like this.

This error can understand as a “timeout error”, which you may have seen when you are sign in on a very old webpage then inactive for a long time.

Right, I understand now.

I’ll look into it.


Also, I’d suggest you should also add my idea when playing a mission. During competitive mission, no one wants to be disconnected unexpectedly.
Example: When you playing a competitive mission and then lost connection, the game will try to reconnect. In around 5-15 minutes, if reconnect success then you can still continue playing without worry about disqualified from leaderboards. Beyond this time, you’ll be considered as AFK and your mission will be disqualified.

That’s not how that works. The game has no way of knowing why you got disconnected. Maybe it was bad network reception, maybe you deliberately yanked the cable out because you lost a life.

Once you get disconnected, it immediately counts and there is no way around that.


Ah. That was so sad.
But anyways, I still hope you to add the feature (the automatic reconnect) that I mentioned on the main topic.

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